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Now Scheduling TrustED 2018-2019The research is clear – intentional development of TRUST in school leaders has a direct link to HIGHER levels of student achievement, DEEPER stakeholder relationships, and GREATER school stability.  Is your school leadership TrustED?

“When it comes to motivating and keeping teachers engaged in the school, the number one factor is TRUSTED SCHOOL LEADERSHIP.”

– H. Ladd, The Urban Institute

TRUST is the single greatest indicator of successful leadership in any organization. That is the definitive and shared conclusion from decades of research conducted throughout many industry sectors (e.g. manufacturing, retail, technology, government, NGOs, etc.).

Research also demonstrates that when schools and school leaders are marked by high levels of trust, they possess a significant advantage over other schools:

  • Higher levels of student achievement
  • Increased teacher retention rates
  • Decreased student behavioral issues
  • …and many more measureable benefits.

Through this highly interactive and engaging professional development experience, Dr. Toby A. Travis provides participants with practical, research-based, and intentional steps toward developing, maintaining, and repairing if necessary, the most critical characteristic for successful and effective school leadership… TRUST. 

Every Session of the TrustED School Leader Training Delivers…

  • Assessment of your current trust level
  • Research-based best-practices to establish, increase, (and if needed) restore
  • Application for leaders at every level of your school (i.e. from student
    government leaders to heads of school)
  • Training that results in measureable improvement and growth within 90

When trust is lacking between administrators and teachers:

  • Retention rates go down
  • School improvement initiatives do not move forward
  • Workplace morale is low
  • Operational expenses increase

When trust is lacking between teachers and parents/students:

  • Engagement in learning is minimized
  • Student achievement is negatively impacted
  • Enrollment decreases

However, when TRUST levels are high – schools excel in every area!

  • Retention rates go up
  • Programs are financially efficient
  • Parent satisfaction is high
  • Student achievement levels out perform those schools with low trust levels in every discipline (i.e. academics, athletics, and extracurricular)

The TrustED School Leader Training provides intentional steps school leaders can utilize to build healthy and strong levels of trust in their relationships with all school stakeholders. Download this informational brochure to learn more.btn_download_pdf

Recent Feedback from Training Participants:

“Thank you so much! This has been the best professional development I’ve experienced in my school career!”

“This training helped focus the staff on areas in which we need to improve. Instead of just talking about it, we were shown how to do it!”

“This was one of the most relevant PD trainings I have ever experienced. I felt it was highly applicable in both my professional and personal life. I really appreciated the insight Dr. Travis had to offer and his obvious passion for the subject.” 

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Research-based Professional Development

For School Leaders at Every Level

Measureable Results Guaranteed

The TrustED School Leader Training Includes:

  • School Leadership “Trust Assessment”
  • 2-12 Hours of Customized Professional Development Training (Based on Trust Assessment Data)
  • Personalized Recommendation Report with 90 Day Action Plan
  • 90-Day Follow Up Assessment Tool
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (If  your expectations are not met or exceeded,you will be refunded all non-travel related fees!)


For more information about the TrustED School Leader Training  (i.e. pricing, availability, customization, etc.), contact Dr. Travis.

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